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Black Summer Truffles


The most available truffle variety

Black Summer Truffles ripen from late May to the end of December, depending on the altitude. Easily recognizable by its coarsely warty rind of a glossy black color, it has a dark hazelnut color pulp with numerous thin white streaks, which disappear during the sterilization process.

White Truffles

Whole White Truffle

The most precious truffle variety

These smooth-skinned truffles have ocher or olive yellow color. Their pulp has pale hazelnut color with white veins. Their shape is regular and can also be very round, depending on the kind of soil where they grow. They ripen from October to December, and have a particularly strong smell, slightly garlicky, with a very intense taste.

Black Winter Truffles

tartufo nero pregiato

The most wanted truffles

This winter variety ripens from December to late March. These truffles have a warty peridium (rind), opaque black color, with not very pronounced warts. These truffles are concave at the top, with reddish shades at the base.
The pulp is black-purplish in color with numerous and thin white veins which change into black when sterilized.