The truffle in glass or tin undergoes only the sterilization process in water and salt. From the date of sterilization, the sterilized products have a shelf life of three years. Once opened, both glass and tin products must be kept in the fridge and consumed within 3 days from the date of opening.


The truffle is an underground mushroom, which as the term itself defines it, lives underground in symbiosis with the roots of some plants. If you want to know more, read our article  “What is truffles?”.

The truffle should not be defined as organic but natural.

There are several species of truffles. Angellozzi Tartuficoltura offers only white, fine black, summer black and its autumn production, commonly called Tuber uncinatum Chatin. Follow this link to read more about the truffle species.

The collection of truffles is carried out only with the help of dogs, which are trained in the collection from the very first months of life. Read more about  the truffle harvest.


Angellozzi Tartuficoltura is the only truffle company to have refused the production and marketing of products flavored with truffles.

The preserved products of Angellozzi Tartuficoltura have the shortest ingredients list in the world (truffles, water, salt), having chosen not to produce preserved products on a synthetic basis. Read the details about our  products with preserved truffles.

In order to define a “natural” aroma, this aroma must be obtained only from the raw material to which it refers. Read more aboutthe truffle aroma..


On our site it is possible to pay by bank transfer, Paypal and credit card. In case of bank transfer, please send the accountant to segreteria@angellozzi.it to speed up the shipment.

We only accept returns on products that are kept still closed. We do NOT accept returns on fresh and frozen products. At this link the page with the details of the return conditions.


Angellozzi Tartuficoltura ships fresh, preserved or frozen truffles via GLS express courier for Italy and DHL for Europe. Delivery, with the exception of unforeseen events that the company cannot certainly foresee and which do not depend on it (such as snow, rain, bad weather, strikes, accidents, etc.) is guaranteed the day after the order itself. When the truffle is purchased, the customer receives the waybill immediately afterwards, together with the order receipt and the invoice, in order to track the package and the related delivery times.

Frozen truffles are shipped in thermal boxes filled with dry ice. For fresh products, polystyrene boxes with refrigerated gel are used to guarantee a storage temperature. Preserved items, which do not need a controlled temperature, travel in special rigid cardboard boxes.